DRIVEN REMOTE LEVER ADJUSTER for Brembo RCS 19 master cylinder

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Driven Racing is proud to introduce our latest product for racing motorcycle using the Brembo  RCS 19 master cylinder.
This brake lever remote adjuster will allow the rider to adjust brake fade, or lever reach from the left side by using a large 1.250” knob easily adjustable with gloves on and in the “heat of battle”.
The remote adjuster is using a flexible shaft to transfer 100% of the force into the lever knob without flexing with a ratio of 1:1. A clear rigid plastic shroud is used to eliminate debris or sharp edges from damaging the flexible shaft. At the lever end, an adapter will fit into the Brembo lever or the DRIVEN RACING (DFL-AS-320B) replacement lever.
The remote adjuster is made of billet aluminum and anodized red and black combination to further enhance the look.